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Make sure if you ever go visit the Great Wall of China, you go to the bathroom before you go. Otherwise, you better be a very fast runner!!



haha that very far, make sure u look all for the star graded toilet in the forbidden city as well.


I love the chinese wall. Unfortunately I´ve never been to China. But since I have a week bladder I don´t know wether it is recommended to visit the wall:) Nice picture!


Great pic! That must be the most stressful part of traveling, dealing with foreign translations of the toilet.


Hey! I have planned for a China trip in this July and will definitely visit The Great Wall of China over there. I got an attractive discount offer by the Accor group and I think it’s really cool in this recession period. To get more details you can visit


This picture is so great. I have never been to the wall of china and now I am thinking about, if I really will go there in the further future.

Francis Bell

Thank you for the WONDERFUL blogsite-I love the pctures! It's so great to be able to see when you can't get there yourself-Francis

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