A Fat Traveller!

There is nothing worse than being overweight and out of shape. However, you get used to it and find comfort zones in your own world. This all ends and can humble you when you travel. Sweating in hot locations, sitting uncomfortable in a "small" airplane seat, or struggling to participate in some great outdoor adventure cause you are too fat, is all the challenges of being a FAT TRAVELLER! Unfortunately, I have become a FAT TRAVELLER!
Therefore, I, Eric Gamble, the Travel Beggar am on a mission this summer to not only have great travel experiences, but also get in shape so that I can better enjoy my vacations, outdoor activities, and adventures. I am inspired. I have joined a new program at my gym. You can check it out online by CLICKING HERE. Erik Frank & his partner Rebby Riche are teaching essentially a training boot camp and they aren't letting me out of this program until I have become a lean, mean, healthy MACHINE!!! I want to be able to do great adventures without wondering if I can breath.
Here,you will see my before pictures taken on May 14th! You can see them closer, if you can stomach it, by clicking on any individual magazine
Therefore, I am starting Eric's 25 for Angel's Place . As many of you know, I also have promoted charity to children's charity. Often, I see and help others who are taking pledges or donations to walk/run or do something for Cancer Research, AIDS Research, Education Against Violence, etc. So I am taking donations to lose weight on behalf on Angel's Place.
Right now I weigh 224.5 lbs. My Personal goal is to get to 199 lbs. The program is a 14 week program that will essentially end on August 20th. I am asking for a $25 donation or $1 a pound. You can donate via paypal right now. If you donate now, I will note the amount donated & if by some horrible chance that I dont make the 25lbs, I will refund you a dollar per pound I missed. (ie: if I only lose 20lbs by August 20th then, the Angel's Place will receive your generous $25 donation & I will refund you $5 from my own money...not the Angel's Place. Please consider helping me on my mission to become a healthy Travel Beggar as well as a way to help these great children.


The Travel Beggar

Check out my updates for the month at www.EricGamble.com . Then go to the Beggar's Body Page and read. Dont forget to consider helping me on my quest not only to lose weight with your verbal abuse..i mean support but also to help those wonderful children at Angel's Place!

Sangeeta Sinha

Hey Eric....why are you worrying so much? Many people around the world have your type of body. Come on...cheer up. Simply follow the following steps (these have helped people who came for help to me for weight reduction)

1. Regular jogging in the morning for an hour.
2. Regular skipping....at least for half an hour
3. Free hand exercise...at least half an hour.
4. Eat everything but in very little amount....for eg. when it is chicken curry and you are having 4 pcs of chicken, no....cut it down to one small pc.
5. Never go empty stomach...or else gas will form which will bloat up your stomach.
6. Eat healthy, well cooked homemade food.
7. No drinking, no smoking.....till you reduce by 30 kg.

Do this seriously and when you will get the positive result, you will pat my back....I know it.he..he..


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